Criminal Defense

6 Counts of CSC

Lenawee County (2013): Defendant was charged with 6 counts of CSC 1, and obtained a plea agreement for a probation sentence.

Manufacturing and Distributing Marijuana

Washtenaw County (2013): Defendant was charged with Manufacturing and Distributing Marijuana (Less than 45 kg). After filing several pretrial Motions, obtained a restitution-only sentence, with Defendant serving no time, nor probation.

Criminal Sexual Conduct, Fourth Degree

Bay County (2013): Defendant was charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct, Fourth Degree, for allegedly molesting a child during a manicure/pedicure. Defendant had pled guilty with his previous attorney, but hired our firm on the day of his sentencing. Obtained a withdrawal of the plea, after which we proceeded to trial and obtained a not guilty …