Our criminal justice system in this country is confusing, challenging, and often inequitable. Every day, immigrants, poor people, people of color, and other members of marginalized groups are given an unfair shake in our courts, and left with little to no recourse after they are convicted. Systematically oppressive institutions have made justice difficult to achieve, and members of our community deserve help navigating the court system and complicated legal battles.

Our attorney has extensive experience in post-conviction relief. If you or someone you love has been convicted of a crime, your case is not over: you have a right to file an appeal and challenge any legal errors made in your case. You may have the right to challenge the conviction many years after the judgment. Our attorney has significant experience in post-conviction proceedings, challenging jury instructions, attorney error, and other procedural and/or substantive errors that may have been made in your case.

Post-conviction is the legal process that occurs after a trial is complete and a defendant is found guilty. The next step in the process is for the court to determine the punishment for the guilty party. Since it is a criminal conviction and sentence, a defendant is permitted to challenge the sentence and the conviction. This can occur with a federal habeas corpus proceeding or filing an appeal. Most court decisions rendered after a state or federal trial are able to be reviewed by an appeals court. This includes the many different types of decisions regarding civil cases. It is the job of the appeals court to carefully review what occurred during the court proceedings. They will determine if any errors of law occurred.

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