Civil rights laws protect you against certain discriminatory, arbitrary, unfair or abusive actions by your school or university, your employer, or the government.

If your civil rights are violated you may be able to bring a lawsuit in state or federal court and obtain compensation. Victory in a civil rights lawsuit can result in both monetary compensation from those who have wronged you. It can also result in “injunctive relief,” which is a court order requiring the person or entity that you sued to behave differently in the future.

Common civil rights violations that can lead to viable lawsuits include:

  • Illegal arrests and detentions
  • Denial of due process in campus disciplinary proceedings
  • Denial of medical treatment while incarcerated
  • Workplace sexual harassment
  • Police brutality or unnecessary use of deadly force
  • Racial profiling by law enforcement
  • Discrimination in education or employment on the basis of sex, age, religion, race, or disability

Our experienced attorneys at Margolis & Gallagher Law can assist you in holding those who have violated your basic rights accountable for their actions. We have successfully represented numerous individuals in connection with civil rights violations by private employers, public universities, and government bodies.

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