Deportation Defense

Updates to current USCIS forms for 2017

There have been recent updates to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services forms below.

Kevin Jaime Luna Exonerated of Felony Charges

Margolis law vacates guilty plea due to lack of notification about immigration status change.  Read the full decision here.

Margolis Law successfully vacates conviction in Monroe County, Agrees to Plea to Non Deportable Offense, Preserving Client’s Eligibility for Deferred Action Program

We successfully moved to overturn a young Mexican National’s impaired driving conviction in Monroe County. The conviction led to client’s DACA being revoked, and his being taken into ICE custody and held without bond, pending a deportation proceeding. Any drunk driving conviction is considered a “significant misdemeanor,” making the client ineligible for the discretionary relief …

Margolis Law Successfully Overturns and Vacates Conviction for Mexican National, After Withdrawing Plea and Winning Jury Trial in Macomb County.

Our office successfully moved to withdraw a guilty plea to Felony Fleeing and Eluding, on behalf of a Mexican National in Macomb County, which made him eligible for an immigration bond and release from ICE custody. After winning the fight to withdraw the guilty plea in state court, we then prevailed in a several day’s …

Vacated Marijuana Conviction

Margolis Law successfully vacated a marijuana conviction on behalf of a Mexican national, so that the individual could successfully re-apply for benefits under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Non-Deportable Plea for German National

Margolis Law negotiated a non-deportable plea for a German National charged with OWI Causing Serious Bodily Harm and successfully moved for a bond.

Possession/Use of Marijuana Post-Conviction Relief

Margolis Law obtained post-conviction relief for an Australian National by vacating his conviction for Possession/Use of Marijuana, due to the fact that the Defendant entered the plea without the benefit of immigration advice.

Federal Kidnapping Charges Dismissed

Margolis Law defended a New Zealand National charged federally with 2 counts of Parental Kidnapping, getting the federal charges dismissed. Margolis Law also successfully defended the individual from related charges in state court.

CSC 2 Charge Dismissal

Margolis Law obtained Post-Conviction relief for Vietnamese National by vacating a CSC 2 conviction, and successfully filing a Motion to Terminate Removal Proceedings.

CSC 1 Charge Dismissed

Margolis Law defended a Vietnamese National from a charge of CSC 1, getting the case dismissed after a preliminary examination.