Deportation Defense

CSC 1 Charge Dismissed

Margolis Law defended a Vietnamese National from a charge of CSC 1, getting the case dismissed after a preliminary examination.

6th Circuit grants deportee an evidentiary hearing on ineffective assistance of counsel claim

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit granted Petitioner Aso Pola an evidentiary hearing on his ineffective assistance of counsel claim. To read the case in its entirety, please follow the below link:

Withholding of Removal Relief for Pakistani National

Detroit Detention Center (2011): Obtained Withholding of Removal relief for Pakistani National who faced the prospect of severe persecution upon his return to his native country.

Post-Conviction Relief for Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana

Calhoun County (2012): Obtained post-conviction relief for Canadian National by having her conviction for Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana reduced to simple Possession of Marijuana, which protected her immigration status and her ability to apply for Adjustment of Status.

Post-Conviction Relief for Possession of Marijuana

Washtenaw County (2013): Obtained post-conviction relief for Australian National by having his conviction for Possession of Marijuana reduced to a civil infraction for Disorderly Conduct, protecting the Defendant’s immigration status.

Release of Immigrant from Immigration Detention

Detroit Detention Center (2012): Obtained release of immigrant from immigration detention, and then successfully applied for Cancellation of removal on behalf of Defendant.

Post-Conviction Reversal for CSC 2

Berrien County (2012): Obtained post-conviction reversal of Haitian national’s conviction for CSC 2, on which he was awaiting deportation proceedings. (Berrien County Circuit Court). After nullifying immigrant’s conviction nunc pro tunc, successfully moved to terminate deportation proceedings.  (Detroit Immigration Court).

Plea Agreement for Operating While Intoxicated

Washtenaw County (2013): Defendant was charged with Operating While Intoxicated Causing Serious Injury or Death and Failure to Stop – Causing Serious Personal Injury. Obtained a plea agreement to a conviction which did not endanger Defendant’s immigration status.

Set-Aside of the Conviction for a Ten-Year-Old Felonious Assault

Calhoun County (2013): Immigrant-Defendant was taken into custody while on his job due to an old conviction. A long time permanent resident, or green card holder, he was facing imminent and immediate deportation as an aggravated felon under immigration law for a ten-year-old Felonious Assault conviction. Within two weeks time, obtained set-aside of the conviction, …

Post-Conviction Relief for Maintaining a Drug House

Macomb County (2013): Obtained post-conviction relief for Mexican National by having his conviction for Maintaining a Drug House reduced to simple Possession of Marijuana. (Macomb County Circuit Court).