Margolis Law seeks justice for family of teen killed by drunk driver

A teenager was driving himself and two coworkers back to their office after their lunch break when a drunk driver, whose .33 BAC was more than four times the legal limit, ran a stop sign and crashed into the driver’s side of the vehicle. The teenager died before emergency personnel could transport him to the hospital. The coworkers in the car with him were seriously injured as well.

Margolis Law represented the boy’s father in a wrongful death action against the other driver and the insurance company. We secured a $50,000 settlement (policy limits) with the insurance company and won a $10,000.00 million default judgment against the drunk driver, who will not be able to discharge the judgment in bankruptcy.

We also made a claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act against the Veterans Administration, which had previously and recently discharged the drunk driver from in patient alcohol detox treatment despite the fact he was still experiencing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, and are pursuing policy reforms to protect citizens from drunk drivers.