Product Liability

Faulty airbags caused injuryProduct liability law allows a victim of a faulty product to have legal recourse action available to them. If a product template is not followed and a consumer becomes injured, the manufacturer is held liable. The template refers to the basic needs and wants of the consumer while being safe. Examples of product liability cases would be:

  • Defective childrens toys
  • Faulty airbag issues
  • Unsafe to consume food items
  • Dangerous medical/medication side effects
  • Electronic malfunctions that result in injury
  • Faulty furniture recalls that could cause injury
  • Etc.

We will work to negotiate and help you with a trial or settle a claim on injuries related to faulty products. We will also work closely with you to go through a thorough pre-trial/claim examining. This will allow us to better understand the situation. However, in some cases, referred to as the res ipsa loquitur, you don’t have to prove that you had a faulty product or that the circumstance was caused by one. For cases like that, you only have to prove your injuries, because with certain cases it is obvious that a product malfunction took place. We will make sure to review your personal damages and losses, and offer suggestions/ recommend different settlement options. It is easier when you have a lawyer, that specializes in liability, to evaluate your claim first.

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