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Thank you

Posted On:January 31, 2017

Posted by: Karla Luna

Dear , Larry

I want to thank you for all the hard work you put in to my Kevins case. My family and I cannot than you enough. Your dedication to your work as an attorney amazes me, you have shown as a lot of love, compassion & during the time my nephew was behind bars, while you was busting your butt in this case, you made sure we all remain calmed. The fist time we met you in person, I knew we all knew we made a great decision on hiring you, & seen you giving my mother & sistera hug to confort them & reassure them that you was NOT gonna give up until he was out, was the best thing I’ve witness. Thank you so much Mr.Margolis

I really admire your dedication  ❤

Thanks to Laurence, I have the opportunity to be a legal citizen in the US

Posted On:September 2, 2016

Posted by: Eder

What Laurence did for me? I was charged fleeing from an officer, reckless driving, and driving without a state license. I pled no content to all my charges, then I got arrested for immigration for having a felony on my record. I had to hire an immigration attorney, and he recommended that I have the felony removed from my record. He referred me to hire Laurence Harry Margolis, who took on my case no questions asked. He was able to drop my plea, and once he took it to trial he was able to drop my felony charge. So there’s no doubt that Laurence is one of the best attorneys out there. So if anyone is in need of an attorney, don’t think twice about it twice and hire him. Thanks to him I’m with my family, and have the chance to get my life together. I’m super thankful for Laurence, he did an amazing job.

Christopher Peterson

Posted On:July 2, 2016

Contacted Larry on a Monday evening and informed him of my case and my scheduled court date, which was three days later on that Thursday.  We walked into the courtroom and 30 mins later the case was terminated.  Excellent Attorney, person and I am glad I called him.

Great attorney – personal, smart, aggressive – and he does it all with ease and a smile!

Posted On:October 15, 2015

Posted by: Richard W. Miller

I met Mr. Margolis in the Fall 2010, literally almost 5 years to the date of this writing. He was referred to me by a professional colleague. At the time of this referral, my life was in shambles due to stress and anxiety over a legal matter which over the course of several months was able to be resolved only because I had such a dedicated and tireless advocate representing me, Larry Margolis. Simply put, he did not let the other attorney representing my adversary in our negotiation get the upper hand – he helped me to stand steadfast and get an appropriate resolution to this matter, which ultimately has allowed me to get on with my life in a very productive manner.

If you are looking for a consummate professional who is able to do laps around just about any other attorney without that attorney knowing what is taking place – look to no further than Larry Margolis.

One in a million!

Posted On:October 1, 2015

Posted by: Anita

October 1, 2015

Larry Margolis took our case when others would not. Larry knew going in that our case would be an uphill battle, however, with his expertise and persistence,


Larry is very personable, genuinely caring, and so easy to work with. We were lucky to have found him and blessed today to call him our “friend”.

Jaz Ñahuis

Posted On:September 2, 2015

if you want a lawyer that you can trust, laugh and feel comprehended you have it here!!!! Larry is the best!!! I went to him with a serious issue that I thought it was way too hard to win; nonetheless, he rocked in court! All I needed to do was tell him my side of the story detail by detail, and he did his magic. He is friendly and in court he is a whole different person, he puts an awesome suit to defend his clients! I just don’t have more words to describe his spectacular work! He is definitely by far one of the best lawyers I have gone to! I highly recommend him.

Leeann Smith

Posted On:September 2, 2014

Larry Margolis is a tough minded, hard working Ann Arbor Attorney who will go to bat for you and win. Not only that, but he is a stand up guy with a real human side, who treats his clients like their problem is the most important problem he has. I would recommend him to anyone who needed his expert legal advice.