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We are an ambitious office dedicated to serving individuals in our community who need a tough and thoughtful lawyer. We are aggressive litigators who stand by our clients for the duration. We maintain the highest standards of ethics but do not hesitate to challenge the law, judges, prosecutors and others for our clients. We maintain a low case-load so that, for those we are able to accept, we can dedicate the necessary amount of time and effort required for that cause.

What We Do

Federal Healthcare Fraud: Successful Defense of Pain Doctors

After a six week trial, Laurence H. Margolis was proud to see a jury successfully acquit his client of all criminal charges levied against him in one of the biggest healthcare fraud cases in our nation. Read the details of the case and find out more about our federal criminal defense practice.

Civil Rights: Million Dollar Settlement for NGRI patients

We received a large settlement in a civil rights case on behalf of the mentally ill. Our clients, a group of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) patients, had their rights violated, and we secured justice for them. For more information on our NGRI and probate work, click here.

Drunk Driving and Immigration: DACA recipient saved from deportation in contentious Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) case

When our client was pulled over and ultimately charged with Operating While Intoxicated, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and Driving Without Proof of Insurance, he feared for the worst. A participant in the DACA or “Dreamers” program instituted under President Obama and upstanding American citizen, our client had just totaled his car before he blew a .13 on a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) test. He believed he would soon be incarcerated, and subsequently deported from the United States.

After months of negotiation on his behalf and work with his family and friends to testify to his character, we were able to plead his charges down to a civil infraction and a very minor fine.

Assault & Battery: Our firm reaches six-figure settlement with restaurant owners who beat kitchen worker.

We represented a family of Chinese immigrants who left their employment as kitchen staff for a Southeast Michigan restaurant due to unpaid wages. When they arrived at the restaurant to collect their final paycheck, they were met by the restaurant owners, who were wielding bats. The restaurant owners pursued our clients into the parking lot and beat one in the head with a baseball bat. The family member suffered a life-changing traumatic brain injury as a result of the incident.

We filed a civil case against the restaurant owners in Livingston County including assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. We reached a confidential six-figure settlement with the restaurant owners after the lawsuit was filed.

Marijuana Defense: Successful defense of medical marijuana cardholder following police raid

Our client was criminally charged with marijuana-related charges after a local drug task force raided his home and found marijuana. The criminal charges were brought in spite of the fact that our client, who possesses a medical-marijuana card and is a legal caregiver for four other patients, was permitted by the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act to possess the marijuana that was found in his home. Eventually, all charges were dismissed.

Wrongful Death: 7 figure settlement for Michigan family in wrongful-death action against major power company

A Michigan teenager was electrocuted on the job while working as a lineman installing fiberoptic cables on utility poles. While attaching fiberoptic cables on utility poles maintained by a major power company, the teen took hold of a guy wire. Because the power company had misplaced a jumper line, the guy wire had become electrified, fatally electrocuting our client’s son.

We represented the teenager’s grandfather in a wrongful death action against the utility company. Our client reached a confidential settlement.

Felony Defense: Client has multiple felony charges dismissed

Our client was charged in Jackson County with multiple felonies, including home invasion and assault with a dangerous weapon. Margolis Law mounted an aggressive defense, resulting in all charges being dropped.

Misdemeanor Defense: Our firm keeps client out of jail

Our client was charged with malicious destruction of personal property, which carries a potential one-year jail sentence, following a disagreement with another driver in a parking garage. Margolis Law convinced prosecutors to agree to a reasonable term of probation, helping our client stay out of jail.

Power Company Negligence: Attorneys reach confidential settlement with DTE Energy

Our client, a grandmother with serious heart and other medical problems, fell behind on her utility bills. Although DTE Energy had notice that our client needed heat and electricity to continue breathing treatments and maintain her state of health, the company shut off electricity and natural gas service to her home in violation of Michigan law. Our client fell while attempting to navigate her home in the dark, seriously injuring her ankle, and her health worsened dramatically. Despite this, DTE refused requests to restore utility service.

Margolis Law filed a lawsuit against DTE energy alleging negligent failure to postpone utility shutoff. DTE agreed to settle the case for a confidential sum.

Wrongful Death: Recovery of estates of two men killed in house fire

Our client was the personal representative for the estates of two men killed in a tragic Novi house fire. The men, Mexican nationals, had been required to live in the basement of the home as a condition of their jobs in the kitchen of a nearby Chinese restaurant. Margolis Law helped win a six-figure settlement from the restaurant’s owners without filing a lawsuit.

Wrongful Death: Settlement reached for family of teen killed after escape from mental-health treatment facility

Margolis Law represented a grieving family whose teenage son was killed following his escape from a secure mental-health-treatment facility. The son suffered from severe mental illness and was subject to a guardianship arrangement. Following charges that he broke into a neighbor’s house, a Washtenaw County judge placed him in inpatient mental-health treatment out of state. The facility represented that it was secure and monitored patients twenty-four hours per day. However, our client’s son was left unattended and escaped. He was killed two days later.

Margolis Law sued the treatment facility. The parties reached a confidential six-figure settlement.

Title IX Defense: Successful defense of college student against university investigation

Our client, a student of a local university, was accused of sexual misconduct by fellow students. Margolis Law represented him in the subsequent Title IX investigation. Through our diligent representation, our client was permitted to graduate from the university and receive his transcript.

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