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Laurence Margolis and Ian Cross have over three decades of experience as trial lawyers.

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Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense
Personal Injury
Civil Rights
Post Conviction Remedies

Why Choose Margolis & Cross to Represent You?

We are an ambitious office dedicated to serving individuals in our community who need a tough and thoughtful lawyer. We are aggressive litigators who stand by our clients for the duration. We maintain the highest standards of ethics but do not hesitate to challenge the law, judges, prosecutors and others for our clients. We maintain a low case-load so that, for those we are able to accept, we can dedicate the necessary amount of time and effort required for that cause.

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"Got Myself On The Right Path"

Dear Mr. Margolis,

I really appreciate everything you did when I thought immigration was coming for me. I was pretty sad. The next morning, the guard informed me that immigration canceled my detainer.  I was so excited at that point, knowing that I be getting out.

I got myself on the right path by going back to school to get my diploma, get a job, and staying out of trouble.

Thank you again!

"A Stand Up Guy"

Larry Margolis is a tough minded, hard working Ann Arbor Attorney who will go to bat for you and win. Not only that, but he is a stand up guy with a real human side, who treats his clients like their problem is the most important problem he has. I would recommend him to anyone who needed his expert legal advice.

"Thanks to Laurence, I have the opportunity to be a legal citizen in the US"

What Laurence did for me? I was charged fleeing from an officer, reckless driving, and driving without a state license. I pled no content to all my charges, then I got arrested for immigration for having a felony on my record. I had to hire an immigration attorney, and he recommended that I have the felony removed from my record. He referred me to hire Laurence Harry Margolis, who took on my case no questions asked. He was able to drop my plea, and once he took it to trial he was able to drop my felony charge. So there’s no doubt that Laurence is one of the best attorneys out there. So if anyone is in need of an attorney, don’t think twice about it twice and hire him. Thanks to him I’m with my family, and have the chance to get my life together. I’m super thankful for Laurence, he did an amazing job.

"You played such a critical role in helping me stay on the right course."

Hi Larry,

Three years ago you helped me get a deferred sentencing agreement on a misdemeanor-level MDOP charge.

Over the last month, I applied for and secured an offer for, if not my dream job, then at least a job that is a rung on the ladder I want to be on. I am doubling my salary and getting in with a very well-respected company that does innovative work. My background check just came back today and there is nothing on it, it’s smooth sailing ahead.

Thank you so much for the work you did in getting me that outcome. This could have been the kind of thing that followed me around, forced difficult conversations, and otherwise complicated my ability to capitalize on opportunities like this. You played such a critical role in helping me stay on the right course and it has led me to one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’ll never take it for granted and continue to live in a way that proves giving me a chance was the right call. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Max G.

"Awesome Lawyer"

Larry is a spectacular lawyer! He is thorough, professional, upfront, and very knowledgeable. I recommend Larry to all my family and friends!!! He has helped me with simple things as well as complex matters. I can’t say enough good things about how Larry handles his practice and his clients!

Our Results

Power Company Negligence: Margolis Law Reaches a Confidential Settlement with DTE Energy Our client, a grandmother with serious heart and other medical problems, fell behind on her utility bills. Although DTE Energy had notice that our client needed heat and electricity to continue breathing treatments and maintain her state of health, the company shut off […]

Calhoun County (2012): Obtained post-conviction relief for Canadian National by having her conviction for Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana reduced to simple Possession of Marijuana, which protected her immigration status and her ability to apply for Adjustment of Status.

The decedent in this matter was an elderly retired autoworker with no spouse or children. The man was standing in the street that he lived on behind a paving truck while a neighbor’s driveway was being repaved. As the paving truck began to back up slowly, the man fell, hitting his head on the road […]

Washtenaw County (2013): Obtained a five-figure settlement for Plaintiff moped rider who was sideswiped by automobile of Defendant, sustaining permanent scarring of left calf.

See the details of this case in the consent order Consent Order (002) Update The agreement that Castleberry and Margolis Law worked out, and which was signed Jan. 22 by Lenawee County Circuit Judge Anna Marie Anzalone, dismissed the original charges and had Nishikawa plead guilty to three counts of carrying a concealed knife. Castleberry said […]

Margolis Law obtained a non-jail, probationary sentence for a man charged with Manufacturing and/or Distributing Marijuana.