Former Michigan Inmate Sues Over Officials’ Refusal To Reverse Colostomy

May 4, 2021

Kohchise Jackson, is suing jail and prison health care providers, alleging they postponed or refused to perform a surgery to reverse his colostomy so they would not have to pay for it.

The lawsuit, filed in November, alleges a violation of Jackson’s constitutional rights to due process and deliberate indifference to his serious medical needs.

“Although Mr. Jackson’s colostomy was intended to be temporary, it was not reversed at any point during his two-year and two-month stay in the Michigan prison system,” the suit alleges.

“Mr. Jackson suffered from pain, incontinence, ostracization, and humiliation for the duration of his sentence.”

Jackson’s colostomy was not reversed until this summer, after his parole. At that time, Medicaid paid for it, said Ann Arbor attorney Ian Cross.

Read more about the case in the Detroit Free Press.

Update- Filed Complaint

Case No.: 2:19-cv-13382