Margolis & Cross Attorneys Successfully Defend Pain Doctors Against Wrongful Healthcare Fraud Charges

July 1, 2022

After a six and a half week trial, on June 29, 2022, a federal jury acquitted our client, Dr. Christopher Russo, of all eight charges against him in United States v. Rajendra Bothra et al. In 2018, federal prosecutors brought a 54 count indictment alleging the defendant-doctors billed for medically unnecessary procedures in exchange for prescription pain medications–accusations which proved to be patently false and unsubstantiated. After a seven-week trial, the jury found the doctors, including Dr. Russo, not guilty of every charge, vindicating Dr. Russo his colleagues and sending a resounding message to the government. This was an unjust prosecution from the start, and we were honored to be part of such a tight-knit defense team.