Jinan Hamood, Esq.

Jinan Hamood, Esq.

Attorney of Counsel

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Jinan cares about her clients and community.

She understands how stressful and overwhelming a legal problem can be and how difficult it is to manage a court case. Her practice motto is to advocate with toughness against an opponent but always maintain compassion for her client.

She is an active member of the Ann Arbor community and is always looking for ways to make legal resources readily available to those who need them

Related Expertise

Criminal Defense: Jinan has trial experience defending both misdemeanor and felony matters. She works hard and meticulously prepares each case regardless of the severity of the charges. She consults with her clients on all potential choices and outcomes in a case and ensures they have the information necessary to make a most informed decision.

Family Law/Domestic Disputes: Disputes involving divorce, custody, parenting time, support, and/or personal protection orders are some of the hardest legal problems to experience. Jinan understands this factor and litigates these issues with that factor in mind. The uncertainty in possible outcomes for these types of cases can be difficult to manage, and Jinan provides her clients with advice on how to do so in situations that arise both in and out of the courtroom.

General Civil Litigation

Jinan covers a wide variety of civil disputes, whether for you, your family, or your business. Her experience spans from personal injury claims to general negligence claims, contract disputes to contractor disputes, real estate transactions to landlord-tenant matters, etc. Working in such a vast practice area, Jinan consistently comes up against a large and highly diverse pool of opposing counsel. This has sharpened her negotiation skills and provided her with an array of tools to navigate towards successful outcomes for her clients.