A true life-saver

May 3, 2017

Larry was, for lack of a better word, a godsend to me and my family when we required his services for a criminal defense case. Throughout the entire process, Larry worked very thoroughly and effectively to ensure that I was able to achieve the outcome I desired. Larry’s extensive knowledge of the law, tact, comforting personality and excellent sense of judgment were critical in his achieving the positive outcome.

At all points of the case, Larry always had a strong grasp on its direction – with this information and his experience in past cases, he was able to contact the right people at the right place at the right time. The specific steps that Larry took were very well thought out and ultimately helped me achieve the outcome I needed.

Larry and his staff were, at all points, completely honest about the status of my case. During my regular phone calls with him, Larry clearly outlined the possible outcomes of the case at each step and always kept me informed as to what I could expect and when. My family and I both feel that this consistent communication helped us trust him even more and, more importantly, kept us relatively calm during this troubling process.

I would highly recommend Larry as an attorney. Not only was he able to win my case, he did it while ensuring that I remained relaxed throughout the entire process. Thank you again, Larry!