Thanks to Laurence, I have the opportunity to be a legal citizen in the US

September 2, 2016

What Laurence did for me? I was charged fleeing from an officer, reckless driving, and driving without a state license. I pled no content to all my charges, then I got arrested for immigration for having a felony on my record. I had to hire an immigration attorney, and he recommended that I have the felony removed from my record. He referred me to hire Laurence Harry Margolis, who took on my case no questions asked. He was able to drop my plea, and once he took it to trial he was able to drop my felony charge. So there’s no doubt that Laurence is one of the best attorneys out there. So if anyone is in need of an attorney, don’t think twice about it twice and hire him. Thanks to him I’m with my family, and have the chance to get my life together. I’m super thankful for Laurence, he did an amazing job.